Thirty swimmers got back into gear and into the pools on Saturday, June 29. Click here for News On 6’s story.

Trident Aquatics Club and Waves Swim Academy hosts swimmers after months without competition with Swiss Timing. Located in Owasso, OK, the brand new 5.1 million dollar facility is used for team practices and swim lessons. Other members of the privately owned training facility also use amenities.

On Saturday June, 29, 30 swimmers from Trident Aquatics Club and King Marlin Swim Club competed. Swiss Timing contributed to the competition as part of swimmers’ workouts to simulate racing and during small meets (club and high school).┬áHaving the world’s leading timing equipment and starting platforms will help prepare the swimmers for national level competitions.

The facility upheld COVID-19 related guidelines for swimmers and spectators at the facility. Swimmers attended separate warm-up times, and each team arrived to the facility through separate entrances. After each race, swimmers exited on the opposite ends. Family spectators stayed outside in a tent or in the parking lot during certain events and were able to observe their swimmer’s heat in a glassed in viewing room while wearing a mask. Facility employees took body temperatures of all those entering.

While none of the Swiss Timing products used on Saturday were novel, the fact that the technology is being used more for training purposes at the facility rather than for meets is unique.

Swiss timing products at the event include(s):

  • Quantum
  • Start System
  • Touchpads
  • Back Up Buttons
  • Mobile System (can be places down on the deck for more opportunities and greater flexibility)
  • Starting Platforms (SR Smith frames)
  • Backstroke Ledges

The facility has been open for three to four months now.


Trident Aquatics Club and Waves Swim Academy

Owasso, OK