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In close cooperation with the International Amateur Boxing Federation, we have designed a brand-new version of the Boxing Scoring System, which was first introduced in 1989 and sold a hundredfold throughout the world since then.In 2013 the International Boxing Association AIBA introduced revolutionary technical rules to their competitions. Our Boxing Scoring System fully reflects these changes so that organizers or clubs can rely on a customized competition and scoring management based on the “Ten Point Must System”. In addition to well -known features, such as the boxer and judges draw, the new Scoring System now also uniforms the operation of all three AIBA programs – AOB, APB and WSB – on a high-quality level.

  • Entry of boxer and judges data including name, nation, weight category etc.
  • Entry of competition-related information such as date, weight categories, officials or bout numbers.
  • Creation of competition schedules for automatic tournament management.
  • Automatic judges draw in accordance with AIBA rules.
  • Manual entry of bouts and judges.
  • Definition of multiple individual weight categories.
  • Comprehensive protocol features including print options for entry and start lists, daily and final results as well as results by weight Category.
  • Manual modification of program parameters such as participating countries, number of rounds or number of judges.

  • Anonymous, random selection of a predefined number of judges out of the total number of Judges.
  • Start and stop of bouts, optionally also assisted by an electronic timing terminal.
  • Collection of judges scores after each round using
    specially developed keypads.
  • Interface to public displays for presenting the running time, current round, boxer names and their country/team code, scores and warnings.
  • Entry of warnings and knock-downs.
  • Determination of results based on the Ten Point Must System.
  • Observance of AIBA cancellation rules (KO, TKO, TKO-I, TD, DSQ, WO)
  • Output of short result protocols to be approved by the Supervisor.
  • Complete print protocols right after each bout,
    including bout and competition overview.
  • Possible modification of certain parameters including the number of bouts, rounds, number of judges, protocol layout, etc.

  • World Championships since 1993
  • Olympic Games since 2000
  • Commonwealth Games since 1998
  • Numerous further prestigious events such as
  • Youth Olympic Games
  • PanAm Games
  • Asian Games
  • All Africa Games
  • Combat Games
  • Mediterranean Games
  • African, Asian and European Championships
  • AIBA President’s Cup

  • BSS2013 application software
  • Five judges keypads including cables
  • Keypad interface including adapter


  • Operation of competitions with two rings.
  • Electronic timekeeping including an acoustic horn to signal starts, breaks, and countdowns.
  • Fully installed PC including a second graphics card to connect public displays.