Precision positioning in real time

Swiss Timing’s local positioning system (LPS) technology provides real-time positioning for equestrian racing events as well as team sports and other competitions. It allows technicians to pinpoint the position of a player or a referee to within 50 mm (about two inches) anywhere in the competition area.

The LPS is ideally suited to both indoor and outdoor facilities. Horses or players are fitted with active transmitters that communicate directly with a network of base stations that are installed around the field of play. These are connected wirelessly to the Swiss Timing server and provide an impressive range of data including 3D position, speed, acceleration, and heart rate.

Data collected allows critical real-time analysis by coaches as well as instant replay for broadcasters. It can also be programmed to include virtual graphics and the provision of data to on- and offsite mobile apps. The LPS technology delivers statistics based on the data collected, including time on field, physical performance of individual players, distance travelled, and much more.