The Greensboro Aquatic Center (GAC) is one of the top aquatic facilities in the nation. A public facility on the campus of the Greensboro Coliseum Complex, GAC runs aquatic activities including open swimming, swim lessons, water fitness/exercise classes and a wide variety of specialized aquatic programming classes and instruction.

GAC is a $19 million facility that also hosts major competitive aquatic sports including swimming and diving, water polo, synchronized swim and others. GAC hosts a variety of events throughout the year including the following:

  • High school and collegiate events
  • USA Swimming meets
  • US Masters Swimming
  • US Water Polo events
  • Local, regional, national and international competitions

With four indoor swimming pools, the GAC operates 15 hours per day and 360 days per year. GAC has a therapy pool, diving competition pool, 50-meter competition pool and 50-meter training pool. GAC manager Susan Braman says, “we were built for competition,” in reference to GAC’s expansive facility.

The GAC’s unique partnership with Guilford County Schools in the development of a privately financed, curriculum-based ‘Learn to Swim’ healthy lifestyle program has drawn national acclaim in the swimming community. The GAC also serves the local community as the ‘home’ practice for several local club, high school and college swimming and diving teams.

The GAC primarily provides for swimmers, divers, and learn-to-swim persons.

United Sports Services started working with the GAC in 2018, providing solutions to the initial need of an update in their timing system from Colorado. Braman explains, “We opened as a Colorado Time Systems (CTS) venue and moved to an Omega Swiss Timing System via USS, and thanks to Matt, we were able to price out and speck out the best possible competition scenario.”

We provided a reliable, complete in-deck timing system plus OSB12 starting platforms with RBD’s.

“I’m just a happy customer who made that switch and haven’t looked back since,” says Braman. “As a site that hosts a lot of national competitions, USS and Omega Swiss Timing provide a nice transition for us when USS comes in and helps us with what we have. Working with them just gives us that extra confidence for these competitions.”

“Swiss timing is the leader in the industry. We had some issues with service and equipment with our first provider, we have not experienced that with Swiss Timing and USS. We feel like we have the best equipment in the industry.”

The GAC has become a true partner with United Sports Services and champion our products and services. They have continued to update and add to their system as their facilities have expanded.

When asked one word to describe her experience with USS and Swiss/Omega Products, Braman says, “Satisfied.”

“Our clients are happy we have swiss timing because it is consistent.”
“For us, it’s nice to be able to say ‘this is this place to go’ because of our efficient equipment.”
“I think the touch pads in particular are much easier to maintain, and that’s big.”                                                                                                                               – Susan Braman, GAC Manager