Result Services

The drive to achieve a great result in a competitive event motivates competitors in every sport. And while fans attending the games or watching them on television enjoy the beauty and nobility of a great performance, every eye at the venue (or at home) turns immediately to the scoreboards to see the final results? Was it a world record? Who were the top three finishers? Did my hero qualify for the finals?

United Sports Services offers a range of services that communicate the results to everyone interested in them: the media, the event organisers, the fans, the coaches and, of course, the athletes.

These services are dealt with in more detail elsewhere on our website but a quick review shows the many ways Swiss Timing records and distributes the results.

The Commentator Information System (CIS) complements the broadcasters’ work, providing them and coaches with real-time statistics, results, intermediate and final times, and interesting background information.

Our INFO system presents all the results of any major sport event – including all reports – with the consistent look and feel of the games.

United Sports Services’s public scoreboards can be fed by event data in real time. They are enhanced by the ever-popular animated graphics for video walls.

We deliver web results (live results) that are designed to match the look and feel of an event.
United Sports Services also presents results via applications that are optimized for mobile devices and which include full integration of the most relevant social media.