Broadcast Solutions

Capturing the “look of the Games”

Swiss Timing’s wide-ranging offer of TV graphic services has been designed to ensure that networks and sportscasters around the world can offer attractive, high-quality graphics perfectly adapted to the specific needs of any sporting event.

Swiss Timing has worked extensively with national and international television networks as well as the Olympic Broadcasting System (OBS) to create graphical layouts that communicate “the look of the Games” – one of the most important aspects of broadcast branding. The event and competition graphics, including schedules, starting lists, results, etc., all reflect the same essential graphic design.

Swiss Timing provides graphics for timing and scoring as well as graphics supplied by video character generators (VCG). On-venue results (OVR) are also created by files sent to the host broadcaster generating its own video graphics or sent via VGRs directly from the OVR system.

The video character generators can be located in the graphics room of the host broadcaster’s compound or in the ST timing room. The all-important TV highlights can be produced via the VCGs at the broadcast center.

Streamline – Aquatic webcast solution

Streamline is the answer to delivering a high quality, multi camera, swimming webcast with full championship level graphics on a small budget with no man power needed. Make every meet look like a championship meet. Learn More