GULF Swimming is an LSC based out of Houston, TX. With over 60 clubs in the area, GULF Swimming manages all USA Swimming sanctioned swim meets in the southeastern Texas region.

When Gulf Swimming contacted us in August of 2019 in need of a starting system, we were happy to help. Since then, United Sports Services have provided a StartTimeV and external flash to GULF Swimming. The StartTimeV is the best start system on the market. It works with other timing systems (Colorado and Daktronics) to both prepare and familiarize swimmers with the distinct sound heard at National level competitions. The extra flash allows hearing-impaired swimmers to see the flash at their blocks or can be used for an additional flash for timers to see.

Coach Eddie Adams from GULF Swimming says, “I like that the swimmers can understand the starter better on the Omega System.” He plans to have two in each of his trailers.

GULF Swimming utilizes these products to provide top-of-the-line experiences for swimmers, officials, and/or spectators. We are glad to have them as our partners, and GULF Swimming is pleased with our products and services. We hope for and anticipate additional sales in the future with GULF Swimming.

GULF Swimming has been working in accordance with USA Swimming Re-Opening Facility Guidelines as well as local guidelines with regard to COVID-19 to get meets back running for their swimmers. Meets are currently scheduled for the month of September and are expected to continue into the rest of the 2020 year.

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“We can call them anytime we have any system we don’t understand at first, and they’ll come walk us through it.”

Eddie A. , GULF Swimming

“I liked that the swimmers can understand the starter better on the Omega System.”

Eddie A. , GULF Swimming

When asked one word to describe their experience with given products, Adams says, “Omega. That’s enough. It’s a quality product.”

Eddie A. , GULF Swimming