Broadcast Solutions

Streamline – Aquatic webcast solution

Streamline is the answer to delivering a high quality, multi camera, swimming webcast with full championship level graphics on a small budget with no man power needed. Make every meet look like a championship meet.

Streamline is the solution you have been looking for. Streamline eliminates the need for expensive broadcast equipment and personnel to operate it. Streamline supports both inexpensive weatherproof cameras as well as professional grade cameras. Using a custom designed algorithm Streamline can run fully automated, eliminating the need for camera operators or director.

Streamline is the most robust yet simple and easy to use solution for swimming on the market!

Stream to any standard platform:
                                YouTube, Facebook, LiveStream, NFHSNetwork, College Networks, ESPN and many others.

Display race data from all major timing systems:
Omega Quantum, Daktronics OmniSport 2000 and 2000e, Colorado 4,5,6, IST and SST.

Detailed graphics before the start of the race

Customizable graphics at the start of the race with Host logo, Running Time, Event Name, Event and Heat Number, Swimmers Names, Team Logo, Lane Number

Multi Camera Automatic Switching between Start/Finish view and Full pool race view

Full screen view of the whole pool once swimmers leave the view of the start/finish camera. Graphical scoreboard to display full name of swimmers with live split time data. The ability to add static meet logo or sponsor logo.

Detailed Finish Graphics

Finish graphic with animated virtual lane graphics containing swimmer name, finish time, team logo and place.


Pre Dive info graphics

After dive graphic with scores

Sample Streams

2020 Iowa Short Course Championship – Click Here

2020 DSMY MACR DMSF Scrimmage SCY – Click Here

2020 DSMY ACAC DMSF Triangular SCY Swim Meet 4K – Click Here

2020 GAC Spartans Aquatic Club Pentathlon Session 4 – Click Here

Software Package $3,500

– Simple user interface
– 1 click start to go live
– Automatic camera switching for enhance viewer experience
– Professional level graphics with animation
– Timing system data integration
– Full audio integration


Needed Hardware (provide by customer):
Computer : i5, Win10, 8 gig memory, Dedicated Nvidia Graphics Card, Monitor, Mouse and Keyboard
Cameras: IP cameras or HDMI cameras, or SDI cameras with focal length and wide angle lenses to cover needed pool area.
Audio interface: analog to digital converter to add audio to the web stream.
– Network Switch: a multi port network switch with POE if using IP cameras
Timing Console Cable: Custom cable to connect timing data to streaming PC.
Cabling: Cabling to connect your cameras to the streaming PC
Capture Card: for non IP cameras a Black Magic deck link card is needed

** DIY installation is a 2 out of 5 hammers. Skills needed would be mounting IP camera and running cat5e cable to streaming computer location. IT department might be needed to assign IP address to cameras and get streaming computer on to your facilities network. Purchase comes with remote configuration of the Streamline software and training. Installation services available for additional fee.